Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridal Couture Week makes "Karachi debut "

An event organized by style360 BRIDAL COUTURE WEEK which started on Friday and attracted thousands of people around the country to spend their time in the refreshing environment of wedding at EXPO CENTER Karachi. Pantene sponsored it association with J&S.

Along with the fashion show, it was the exhibition as well which attracted the fashion lovers to experience the magnificent exhibition. Throughout the days people continued to visit the exhibition to see the latest fashion design and bridal related products.

Approximately 40 stalls found dealing with bridal-related products and services which include jewelers, clothes, shoes, saloons; honeymoon packages and event planner filled the exhibition hall.

Different brands had taken part in the exhibition which include Hira Lari lawn, Eden robe, Nazia Malik, Aamir Baig, Glitz (fashion accessories), Pantene, Head n Shoulders, Sabs, Wella Koleston. Some of the exhibitors were the new brand which include Najia Faisal, Zainab Sajid, Rijas pearl print(the dress designer) one of the upcoming event planner Saba Farrukh also join the exhibition wth her stall. Roohi and Javeria exhibited hand made clushes, hand bags and cushions.a stall was also found by Shirazi travel and tour offering honeymoon packages and umrah packages.

One of the interesting things offered by some stall was lucky draws and discounted offers which attracted the visitors like Head and Shoulders, Sabs, Pantene.
Moreover the exhibitor tells us that their experience was good. The sales girl from Sabs saloon stated “experience is good and got many bookings”.

Mostly the stall keeper found this event a good experience for them but some of them found unsatisfied on the management and arrangement of the event, the event planner Saba Farrukh stated’ people visited was very cheap’ also said’ people visiting here can’t afford anything” while a on the question related to the packages she offer, she said” our packages depend on clients, but we start work with twenty five thousand”.

The stall keeper also thinks that the arrangement was not up to the mark, the arrangement was so congested and touching habits of women had made several damages to the expensive dresses.Mr Aslam Saeed, the exhibitor of Needles said “good event is arranged at worst venue”

The people attended the exhibition like it a lot and found buying clothes, jewelery and shoes. Visitors also like services and offers by Pantene .Head and Shoulders and Sabs. One of the lady Mrs Shamim anwar said “this exhibition was good but it was so expensive and was only for higher class and not even for middle class”.

A food court was also organized by Masala TV. Where different stalls were set up of food for the visitors and people found entertaining their selves with food. A live cooking show was also arranged by masala tv where different chief of masala tv cooked live with a host Kiran Khan one of the known name of masala TV.chief Rida Aftab.chief Munawar and Shireen Anwar.

After the exhibition, a fashion show was arranged all three days. J.J Valaya,the Indian designer came up with all his creativity all three days with the theme of the respective day with co ordination with superb designers. the event had given the wedding look with a dance performance by the troupe of body beat which created the wedding hungama and the packed hall was found  astonished on the three days show. Neelo Allahwala was the first to start the shoe on the first day with her stylish dresses, Maheen Khan the well known designer of Pakistan followed by Aisha and Somaiya, next and the last Rehana Saigol closed the evening.
The talented fourty eight models was lined up including both local and international famous names like Nadia Hussain, Iraj, Rabiya Chaudhry, Tooba Siddiqui, Zeeshan Shafi, Rabiya butt, Neha, Ayaan Cybil, Iffi, Nadia Ali, Abrar Kahn and some models from Dubai include Daria, Fifi, Sandy, Daina among others. Stylist for the event was Saba by sabs. Veeneeza Ahmed organized and choreographed the show.
The venue was full to its capacity of hundred people. People outside were waited long just to have a single look of fashion world inside. Fashion designers, models, fashion critics, media people buyers were there with the audience. All he designer participated in event were bring up with their bridal collection, heavy embroidered dresses were mostly seen and models carried them so well.

This was the second bridal couture week to be organized by style360-the first was held in November 2010 in Lahore which was also appreciated a lot.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mid Term Headache
After entering in the 3rd year of mass communication, we all were happy of getting older in Jinnah University for women. We were congratulating each other; all teachers are good and corporative. We met 3 new teachers in 4 courses. Before we got used to, to our teachers they pulled us in strange situation, they expose us to another teacher which is totally impractical. Our course incharge of 2 courses get fired of unknown reason, and we all get confused regarding about mid term exams which were at hand. Our chairperson took the responsibility to take the mid term.
We were afraid to take the paper. We don’t know what will come. Our papers were delayed due to the incompletion of course till mid term. We gave the exams and wait for the marks. It turned out to be expected to surprise us.

One of the top cooking experts Rida Aftab has made a mark and proved herself in the world of cooking, living a very content life with her family, friends, and colleagues.

Personal Life:
Rida Aftab a renowned chef, but she likes to call her a cooking expert was born on 17 April, in Abbottabad. She did her matriculation from Lady Bird Johnson High School and her graduation from Jinnah College from Women. She likes to eat mostly vegetables and passionate about cooking.
Life has been very kind to her; she has no regrets and doesn’t have any bad day in her life. She is not arrogant her friends said. One thing she want to change in her life is her voice.
Rida is very softhearted person, she can cry easily on little things. “During life show of mother’s day, everyone was talking about their mothers and crying, I was also crying with them. I can’t control my emotions easily.” One thing that irritates her is she doesn’t have words to explain her thoughts easily. “I have no enemies, I love to help people and be friends with them.” she said contentedly.

Rida has a very chefy kind of a childhood. From her early days she played with her toy utensils and pretends cooking like Zubaida Tariq and Kokab Khawaja. Rida belongs to a very conservative family, but when se got married, her in laws supported her a lot and insists her husband to allow her work in media. Abeel Jawed and Imran Ismail always had been her support is this field.
 She did many courses from reputable hotels like Marriott, Sheraton, Pearl Continental, and a very popular institute Rangoon Wala.
She is a cooking expert with a motive, who not only wants to teach cooking but also morally.

Very first she worked in “Apna Channel” as a cooking expert. When she was working in a magazine she was offered in a Nadia Khan show to host a cooking segment “Breakfast” but she denied,” I was puzzled and was afraid of facing the camera for the big viewership so I declined the offer.” She told. After sometime she was also offered again from another TV channel Indus TV to serve their channel in a live cooking show,” their chef, Rahat was going on a leave for personal reasons so they offered me, first I refused it, but one of my colleague suggested me to go and see the offer.” Rida Aftab worked there for 20 days and gained so much popularity among the viewers. People liked the way she cook and teach in a simple way. When their chef Rahat returned back she was annoyed to see Rida doing a show instead of her,” She shouted on the team of the Indus TV, that why they hired a woman who don’t know even how to hold a knife. She told solemnly. The chief executive of Indus TV offered me to do their show permanently but I didn’t want to take other person’s show, but they said if you don’t do the show will hire other chef so she decided to do the show, and that was the time of her beginning of her career as a chef on a TV.
After gaining fame from Indus TV she moved to another big network of Pakistan Masala TV. The reason she told of changing the channel is that she was not paid enough she said.” A person first work for his interest than his interest becomes his need.”
FM 100 Pakistan:
Rida Aftab is also very famous among radio listeners as she is working for FM 100 Pakistan for about 4 years. By working there she is fulfilling the desire of listeners of learning how to cook easily.
Cooking Expert:
“A cooking expert should be a good human being first and then should know each and every basic point of home cooking.” She told. Rida didn’t dislike anything about being a chef as she is so much passionate about cooking. From Mexican dishes to Italian cuisines, Chinese food to Desi Dishes Rida can cook everything. She can cook anything even from limited ingredients. She wants to continue this career as long as she can. She is very much diet conscious “I always prepare healthy food I am so much diet conscious” She told. Rida is doing one-hour live show which is really tough without any co-host. She also receives live calls; most of her callers appreciate her. Rida is among few female chefs who are doing such a long live show. 

“I always bought cooking books from not only Pakistan but all over the world and read them so that I can learn from them.” She told. She always comes up with new and fresh ideas of cooking which is the most attracted thing for her show.
After doing show she likes to stay at home mostly. She said,” If I would not be a chef then I would be a good house wife and mother.” She doesn’t like to go outside even for shopping.

Kitchen Experience:
Rida has a one kitchen bad experience. One day she was baking a cake; her maid put a mosquito spray in the second portion of the oven. When she put the cake in the cake she didn’t see that and after few moments that blasted and Rida also get injured, kitchen was ablaze.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Neglected Area

The Ex department of Commerce and Mass Communication has now become the gossipy area for the JUW girls. After the shifting of departments to the new block, the rooms are now free. The classes are now no more in use for taking the lectures. College students also found there. Girls gather there to relax theirself, as there is no place, where they can sit comfortably. Summers are here now and there is no place, where girls can find shelter. 

Some groups of students are always there, some found in busy in chitchat, some in studying, applying mehndi on hands and some are busy on cell phones and for celebrating for birthdays. Classes are now very dusty because sweepers do not care about that department.

Whole floor is of no use for university they should take care of it or they can give it to girls for, as common room is so stinking can girls do not like to go there. This floor can be transformed into halls where small seminars can be organized. Mass communication department can take permission to start a campus radio. This floor should not be wasted like this; concerned authorities should take notice of this Floor.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Angel

This is Izyan. He is my Nephew. He was born on 22nd September 2006.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mela at JUW

Mehndi, bangles, suits, food, sweets etc yes we can find these things under one roof in a festival generally call in Asia as “MELA.” On 26th of March 2011 Jinnah University for Women arranged Mela. There were many stalls some are reserved for food items Chinese and tradional biryani and haleem were also there. Stuff toys stall was the very crowded stall girls were gather there to buy stuff for themselves. There was also a Ferris wheel, girls were so much animated to sit on it but after it get stated the yelling of them was on full swing. Face painting, mehndi, and games stalls were also in the Mela. Number of stitched and unstitched clothes was also the centre of attention.
 There was also the media coverage from Express, Samaa, Duniya and Dawn News channels. Renown politician Raza Haroon also attend the Mela and appreciated the organizers and the students efforts.
Every year University organizes this Mela and students do enjoy a lot.